Bioquim manufactures a wide range of products, among the most prominent types are penicillin-based antibiotics and cortisone, among other products.

All Products are manufactured Bioquim APIs (Active Principles Products), and therefore are not final products for consumption.


Sodium Amoxicilline
Sterile Potasium Clabunalate
Amoxicillline Trihidrate with Ethylene oxide
Ampicillline Trihidrate with Ethylene oxide
Penicil·lina V Calcium
Sterile Sodium Flucloxacilline
Sterile Liofilized Sodium Cloxacilline
Sterile Crystallized Sodium Cloxacilline
Sterile Cloxacilline Benzatine
Oral Cloxacilline Benzatine
Sterile Precipited Oxacilline
Sterile Liofilized Oxacilline
Sodium Metampicilline
Sodium Temocilline
Ampicilline Benzatine


Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate Sodium
Succinate Sodium Metilprednisolone
Succinate Sodium Hidrocortisone
Cloramphenicol Succinate Acid
Cloramphenicol Succinate Sodium


Fructose 1,6-biphosphate Sodium
Glutathione Sodium
D,L-Carnitine Chlorhidrate